Atlanta Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

Emergency Bankruptcy Filing in Atlanta

For exceptional circumstances, we offer a special emergency bankruptcy program that allows you to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy for $0.00 down and Chapter 7 bankruptcy

for $1.00 down.  In an emergency bankruptcy filing situation, the balance of filing fees normally must be paid to the Bankruptcy Court within 10 days.

Emergency Bankruptcy  Filing in Atlanta

If your wage is being garnished, your bank account is frozen, your car has been repossessed, or your home is about to be foreclosed, you may qualify for an emergency filing. An emergency bankruptcy filing can increase the chance of your case getting dismissed. Usually this is because debtors cannot come up with the filing fee balance in time. However, CMC Law believes the importance of filing bankruptcy immediately often outweighs the possible risk of dismissal.  By working together with our clients and having direct communication, we can help decrease the odds of dismissal.

If you are suffering from an exceptional circumstance that might qualify for an emergency filing, contact us without delay for a free consultation at 404.585.0040.